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Here at Edge Productions, we are open to filming anything and everything. In the box, please leave us a little bit of your information and your idea of what you would like for us to film and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Our skilled team takes what we have on the drawing board and brings it to life. We make sure we capture each moment exactly as planned. We work as a team to make sure everything works smooth and efficiently. 

At Edge Productions, we tailor every video specifically to fit your needs. This starts with the story board. We want to ensure that the idea in your head can be brought to life on the screen. Listening and collaborating with you is our top priority.

Editing is where we take the most time to bring your ideas to life. We take each individual clip and turn it into what you have envisioned. We use color, visual effects, and sound to create the mood and the atmosphere of the of the final project.